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Filtration Situation

Indoor Air Quality within data centers is more crucial today than ever due to rising air pollution. Data centers have unique requirements and strict regulations on inside air conditions and quality, compared to a typical commercial application. Data centers should be protected effectively from the threat of atmospheric corrosion.

Particulate and corrosive gaseous contaminants have become a serious problem for hardware in data centers and server rooms. It increases the operating costs due to frequent failure of hardware and in some cases shutdown too.

The customer had its one of major data centre facility near a refinery and suspected to face the challenge of battling corrosion due to gaseous contaminants present in the atmosphere. The new facility installed gas-phase filtration products (deep bed scrubbers) and the services of AAF’s competitor. With the experience, the company was planning to expand its business in India and was looking for an energy efficient and well-networked brand to install chemical filters in its data centers as a precaution.

Customer suspected to face different challenges in the upcoming data centers across India. Facilities planned at Mumbai had air pollution and humidity problem, Delhi and Hyderabad had a tremendous amount of air pollution problems, the other two locations were in an industrial area and with high ambient air pollution. They required a customized engineering solution for their new facilities since each facility had a different set of challenges. AAF being a reputed international brand with the connected network, met the customer requirements.

The AAF International Solution

AAF scheduled an air filtration audit and analysed the surrounding air quality and expected air pollution challenge in each location. Keeping these parameters, AAF proposed the efficiency of SAAF Shield® Technology which enables quick reaction to outdoor events that may introduce corrosive gases into data centers. AAF installed, commissioned and performance tested AAF DBS (Deep Bed Scrubbers) of SAAF technology in its first facility and the TCO outcome convinced the customer to employ AAF solution at Jamnagar, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

SAAF Deep Bed Scrubber 1 2017

For its Delhi facility, AAF proposed RU (Recirculation Unit), a stand-alone complete air purification system. It recirculates and clean the air in a controlled environment. This RU unit has placed in multiple numbers in multiple blocks of the data entre to protect from air pollution.

Recirculation Unit

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) was the winning factor for AAF.



AAF provided customized engineering solution – DBS for its first facility to fight corrosion. The customer was happy with the TCO and the service. Hence, the customer placed orders for all the new facilities. AAF offered customized DBS filters for 5 cities, and RU for Delhi. With the strong network and service across India, AAF won 6 cities project from leading data centre provider.