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Product Overview

The AstroPureTM Air Purification System utilizes advanced HEPA filtration that is specifically designed to improve indoor air quality in various segment like hospitals, offices, showrooms and all air-conditioned buildings. For applications that require a portable, plug-and-play installation,  the line up includes units from 350 to 2000 CFM portable air purifiers to meet the needs of a range of room sizes. These CE certified air purifiers work by increasing air-recirculation rates within a given space, effectively cleaning the air every time it is passed through the 2-stage advanced filtration system.
“AAF filters prove effective at reducing airborne viral carriers”
Efficient Controls of Aerosols
In general, quite apart from the ubiquitous discussion about the SARS-CoV-2 virus, air filters are the method of choice for the efficient removal of viruses due to their ability to control aerosol levels in the air. This has been researched for years and has been proven by numerous studies. The control or containment of aerosols by means of efficient filtration is synonymous with the containment of the viral load in the air, which consequently leads to a reduced risk of COVID-19 infections.

A stand-alone complete air purification system to recirculate and clean the air in a controlled environment.
Available in multiple configurations from 350 CFM upto 2000 CFM with:
• 100% exhaust
• Need-based variable exhaust based on the application
• 100% recirculation- It can be accommodated in an enclosed space in recirculation system in open/close loop.
Equipped with high-efficiency 2-stage filtration: MEGAcel® I ePTFE HEPA filter and MEGApleat® M8 to remove airborne particles, gaseous contaminants, virus, bacteria, fungus and molds to provide total clean air solution.
Variable speed controls allow the system to run at lower speeds where less airflow is required.
EC centrifugal fan with 10 speed control motor for optimum energy conservation. Quiet, energy-saving motorized impellers.
Easy-to-move caster cart allows portable use from room to room, or remove from cart for operation as a fixed device.
AstroPure comes with CE certification and comes with 1 inch puff panel
• Digital pressure gauge for pre-filter and HEPA filter and filter Replacement Alarm*
• UV light with timer*
*Optional features

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