SAAF Shield Technology

Gas-Phase Environmental, Analytical & Design

SAAF Shield Technology works together with either the SAAFShield Reading Unit or the SAAFShield Communications Module to display and trend corrosion data over time. The data can be used to evaluate operational procedures and environmental factors, allowing you to take immediate action and protect your electronics and processes.

Product Overview

  • SAAF Shield Technology Quartz crystal microbalance technology measures the corrosion of metal due to reactions with the environment, using patent-pending hardware and method of corrosion measurement
  • SAAF Shield Technology Monitor up to 500 sites by using multiple SAAFShield Detecting Units and one SAAFShield Reading Unit
  • SAAFShield Communications Module provides easy integration into instrumentation networks with a 4-20 mA output
  • SAAF Shield Technology parameters monitored include: cumulative corrosion, incremental corrosion, temperature, and relative humidity
SAAF Shield Technology

Typical Applications

Pulp & Paper


Data Centers

Museums & Historic Storage