Food & Beverage Air Filtration

The food and beverage industry is a complex, global network of diverse businesses, technologies that supply most of the food consumed by the world’s population. Production, distribution, processing, conversion, preparation, preservation, transport, certification, and packaging are the major processes involved in most of the food and beverage items.

The food and beverage manufacturing methods will vary from place to place. Vital equipment is there every step of the way, from simple ovens and conveyor belts to complex bottling and packaging machines, the food and beverage industry depend on equipment for industrial-scale food production.

Food and Beverage Industry Segments:

Production of buttermilk, cheese, fermented milk products, curd, and whey is subject to strict hygiene requirements. This poses numerous challenges, such as achieving an appropriate level of air hygiene.

In the processing of semi-prepared and ready-to-eat foods, airborne particles and microorganisms can lead to product contamination.

When it comes to the production and processing of cooked meat, hygiene is the highest priority.

The processing of fruit and vegetables is subject to strict food hygiene regulations. One essential aspect is to ensure the appropriate quality of clean, hygienic air.

From dough preparation to baked items, there are many production steps in which clean air makes a decisive contribution to product quality. Packing in clean rooms with low microorganism loads further improves the shelf life.

  • Milk processing
  • Production of milk derivatives
  • Processing whole plants like carrots into diced or cut packaged goods.
  • Transforming grain into flour and then a variety of baked goods.
  • Adding chemical components like preservatives, additives enhance shelf life and reduce spoilage.

Using proteins to manufacture the new wave of synthetic meats: a great example of how this industry creates not only new products but whole new product categories.

In the food industry, a hygienic production environment is essential for smooth processes as well as compliance with statutory requirements

Even minimal contaminant levels in the air can lead to contamination of the entire food production, and quality of the products. This could have a direct impact on the shelf life of food and beverages, or it could have far-reaching repercussions.

The Air Inside a Food and Beverage Facility Can Contain:

  • Molds, spores, bacteria, or viruses
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Malodorous compounds (e.g., vinegar)
  • Fine dust from sugar, flour, and/or other dry ingredients
  • Various chemicals

With regulated and monitored indoor air quality, product contamination can be reliably minimized. In addition, clean air contributes to the protection and comfort of the employees.

Microbial cross contamination, one of the biggest threats to operations, can lead to production downtime and product spoilage, both of which impact yield and profitability, and may even lead to exposure to the risk of lawsuits. Having a well-sealed environment is the first step to preventing cross contamination.

Air filtration is vital in preventing cross contamination, ensuring hygienic production, delivering consistently high-quality products, and protecting people and process equipment in a food and beverage manufacturing facility.

Air filtration factors in heavily to prevent mold, spores, bacteria, viruses, and other byproducts from entering the manufacturing space, helping to ensure product quality. Environmental, health, and safety factors have a role both within and outside the food and beverage manufacturing facilities.

Poor indoor quality also affects the worker’s performance, productivity in the food & beverage industry. FDA has strict regulations for establishing and maintaining aseptic and hygienic production and storage environments for food and beverage manufacturing.

Optimize Your Filtration and Improve Your Environment

A thorough air filter audit of your HVAC systems is the first step that AAF takes, in order to provide you professional guidance and analysis for cost savings and liability reduction. By conducting this audit, we strive to understand your current state and advise you on how your systems could perform even better.

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Air Filter Audit

Complete Filter Analysis: Air Filtration Audit

A thorough air filter audit of your HVAC systems is the first step that AAF takes, in order to provide you with HVAC energy analysis for cost savings. In this way, we identify how your filtration system can optimally perform. Contact us to find out more about lowering your HVAC cost.

Total Cost of Ownership - TCOD

Total Cost of Ownership Made Clear: TCO Diagnostic®

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PerfectPleat HC M8

PerfectPleat® HC M8

PerfectPleat HC M8 filters have a distinctive high-strength self-supported design that promotes even dust-loading for longer service times and reduced energy consumption, lowering overall operating costs.

VariCel® 2+ HC

VariCel® 2+ HC

VariCel® 2+ HC is a high-efficiency compact filter with low airflow resistance and a long lifespan. This filter is ideal for use in systems with limited access space and as an upgrade from pleated filters.


AstroCel® II

AstroCel® II provides high-performance environmental protection. AstroCel® II further reduces total running expenses by deploying the market's lowest-resistance fibreglass laminar flow HEPA/ULPA media.

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