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American Air Filter (AAF) was founded in 1921, the No.1 Air Filters, Air Purifier manufacturer, and IAQ solution provider. AAF has provided clean air for more than 100 years now. It is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, and has operations in 23 countries, 6 R&D centres, and 260 sales offices worldwide.

AAF is a Daikin group company that is a diversified international manufacturing company and a global leader in air-conditioning.

American Air Filter (AAF) Air Filtration Solutions in Qatar:

Qatar is an independent nation situated in the Western region of Asia. Although it is primarily covered by desert landscapes, this country is considered one of the richest economies in the world. The country’s economy relies heavily on Oil and natural gas as principal revenue sources. Petrochemicals, hospitality, agriculture, and fertilizer industry are the other major industries that are supporting the economy of the Qatar region.

On the other hand, Qatar is witnessing the longest summer season. Due to this, the country is facing drastic sandstorms and dust storms in the summer season.

Apart from these challenges, Qatar region named as one of the countries with the highest amount of air pollution, according to the State of Global Air 2020 Report by the Health Effects Institute. Here comes the importance of air quality, specifically indoor air quality (IAQ).

We tend to spend more time in indoor environments, as a result we may face respiratory discomfort, headache, allergies and other illnesses.

A country like Qatar is not exceptional in extreme weather conditions. Sandstorms, dust storms, and high humidity conditions still worsen indoor environments. 

Hence, in order to tackle these situations, installing air filtration solutions (air filters, air purifiers, etc) will become the top priority. These solutions can provide good IAQ in the indoor environments, so that building occupants will experience safe, healthy air. Good IAQ in turn helps to protect processes (manufacturing/ industrial), and the environment. 

Air Filtration Solutions in Kuwait:

Kuwait is a developing country with a high-income economy, backed by the world’s sixth largest oil reserves. Kuwait also has substantial natural gas reserves. It is located in the desert geographical region; Kuwait has a continental climate characterized by its dry hot long summer and short warm winter with occasional rainfalls. Dusty storms often occur during the summer months.

Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Petroleum, Food processing, Fertilizers, Hospitality, and Museums are the major industries in Kuwait.

In order to run successful oil & gas, petrochemicals, and petroleum plant operations air quality plays a crucial role. During the processing, and extraction of natural gas and its byproducts many kinds of gas contaminants, and volatile organic compounds will be released into the refinery’s indoor environment. These may lead to corrosion of the costliest equipment, and respiratory issues in the employees, and workers of the oil refinery. Gas phase filtration products are considered effective solutions to provide clean air, and trap corrosive gases in oil refineries.

Kuwait is regarded as one of the tourist places where more people visit the country. This place is having many numbers of museums, and hospitality facilities. In these places, good indoor air quality (IAQ) is mandatory to preserve the things in museums and maintain clean and healthy air in hospitality facilities. Any void of these precautions will lead to severe damage to the brand’s reputation and damage to the artifacts.

Air filters and air purifiers make big difference in these kinds of segments. We at AAF offer effective air filtration solutions for any contained indoor environment. AAF is a company with an outstanding industry record. The company has provided clean air for more than 100 years now.

Choosing the right air filtration solutions from a reputed brand, such as AAF, can solve these issues. 

Why to Choose AAF:

AAF serves the various industry clients in the Qatar region to solve major stand & dust storm, gaseous [volatile organic compounds (VOCs)] and particulate [PM1, PM2.5, PM10] challenges with unique filter range (Inertial Filter – S-Trap L & S-Trap HD; Air Filters; Air PurifiersAstroPure / PurAir350C) & Kitchen Ecology Unit. 

Industries & Solutions:

AAF offers a wide range of air filters, air purifiers, plug-n-play, portable equipment, and solutions to provide quality indoor air in various segments to meet their manufacturing standards.


Oil Refineries
Oil and Gas
Hospitality Filtration
Schools & Universities
Oil and Gas Filtration
Petrochemical Industry
Commercial Building Air Filters
Commercial Buildings
Corrosion Control for Museums and Historic Storage
Waste Water Treatment
Wastewater Treatment

Product Range


We tend to debate often on various aspects of air pollution in the outdoor premises. But with the arrival of COVID, we have started taking care of air inside the indoor spaces. This situation had become a boon for air purifiers and air filter manufacturers, especially for HEPA air filters.

HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air. It belongs to a type of pleated mechanical air filter. This type of air filter has the efficiency of 99.995% (99.95% for H13 & 99.995% for H14) of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns (µm).

These HEPA/ ULPA filters offered by AAF Qatar is mainly used in the Cleanroom applications. Cleanroom provides a clean environment to manufacture microchips, semiconductors, data centers, liquid crystal display screens, pharmaceuticals, and in-hospital operating rooms. For this purpose, cleanrooms end users will have to install air filters i.e., HEPA filters to control the airborne particles.

  • One air purifier – many industrial & commercial applications
  • Portable/standalone floor standing air purifier
  • Covers only 200 – 500 Sqft floor area
  • It is a very quieter unit
  • Provides Good Indoor Air Quality
  • It combines particulate, gas-phase, and high efficiency filters to remove airborne particles, gaseous contaminants, viruses, bacteria, fungus, and molds to provide a total clean air solution.
  • Built-in 3 stage air filters (Pre-Filters; Fine Filters; HEPA Filter) and optional UV light
  • HEPA filters remove fine particles, viruses, bacteria, fungus, and molds with an efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3μm.
  • HEPA filters are individually tested with Auto Scanner (EN 1822 Testing Machines)
  • The compact design of machine integrated with three-stage of high-performance filters can efficiently remove indoor fine particles, harmful gases, bacteria and virus.
  • First-stage coarse panel filter is used to effectively remove indoor large particles, dust and hair.
    Second-stage V-Bank gas-phase filter can effectively remove indoor TVOC, odors, harmful gases, such as formaldehyde.
  • Third-stage V-Bank EPA / H13 HEPA filter is able to remove indoor fine particles such as PM2.5, PM1 and bacteria and virus.
  • The machine adopts low-noise, high-torque DC fan, and three-speed switch function. The optimized sealing structure can effectively control noise.
  • Quick ceiling mounted structure design is suitable for pipelines and surface mounted environment. With upstream and downstream pressure drop detection port, it meets the professional site testing requirements.
  • Easy-to-replace air duct adapters at both ends for on-site installation.
  • Humanized automatic stop function when opening cover to protect operator safety.
  • Air Filtration Solution for Sand & Dust Storm
  • Industry leading capacity
  • High filtration performance with lower pressure drop
  • Compact, lightweight
  • Self-cleaning
  • Hot deep galvanised steel & riveted
  • On-site assembly possible
  • Quick & easy removable inlet grill and filtration elements

Air Treatment 

Our kitchen ecology unit can remove combinations of heat & Aerosols + Gases + Smoke + Particles + Vapors + 65 VOCs. Hence you can expect better indoor environments without the nuisance of odours. 

Cooking Odour Control 

Our system’s gas-phase filters provide high efficiency filtration for gas-phase contaminants in normal cooking kitchens, oily cooking kitchens, and heavy oily cooking kitchens. 

Fire Suppression & Vapor Control: 

The kitchen ecology unit’s special component can suppress the fires originating in the commercial kitchens. Thereby preventing costly damage and shutdowns due to fires. This system also efficiently captures grease vapors. 

System Components 

The commercial kitchen ecology unit effectively removes particulate contaminants using electrostatic precipitators in combination with metal washable filters, pre-filters, bag filters, fine filters, high efficiency filters.

Gas-Phase Filtration: Contaminant gases can cause unpleasant odors as well as corrosion. The consequences: Health impairments, expensive repairs, and unplanned downtimes. Gas-phase filtration most often is found in industries where vapors, fumes, and chemicals are released into the air during normal operations.

This includes:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Plants, paper, and pulp operations
  • Waste treatment plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Agricultural storage facilities

Corrosion Control – Control Rooms & Process Control Environments:

We understand the need to provide gas-phase & particulate filtration systems for process control environments. Employing such systems can:

  • Eliminate process shutdown due to control equipment failures
  • Maintain high process efficiency
  • Extend circuit board life & reduce replacement cost
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