Filtration Solution Saves Mattress Manufacturing Unit from Hazardous Gases

Bangalore, India

One of the popular mattress brands


Foam manufacturing facility


Filtration Situation

In mattresses manufacturing process, the most common problem is VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) in the foam and adhesives. The foams that are generally used in the mattresses may be largely adulterated. The foam contain Calcium Carbonate (CaCo3) as an inexpensive filler, to make up the ‘mass’ of the mattress. During the mixing of raw materials some of the dangerous gases gets generated as a by-product. This life-threatening fume – CaC03 along with poly oil reaction release hazardous gases which is harmful to workers and the environment.

To combat this issue, the customer was using only basic masks to prevent fumes from being inhaled by the workers during the manufacturing process.

The AAF International Solution

The customer identified the depth of the issue to both workers and the environment and seek help from AAF. AAF being an expert in air filtration and a reputed international brand with a connected network scheduled an air filtration audit and analysed the gaseous contaminants being generated in the manufacturing process.

Graph SAAF MD Cassette

AAF proposed Gas-Phase filtration product – Front Access Housing (FAH) along with AmAir 300E pre-filter. FAH is a stand-alone system with particulate filters and gas-phase cassettes to create a completely clean air solution. It can be easily incorporated into new and existing air handling units. AmAir 300E pre-filter is ideal for protecting more expensive secondary air filters from premature dust loading and replacement. As primary filters, they also help reduce HVAC maintenance costs by preventing unnecessary dust build-up on coils, fans and ductwork.

The customer agreed to install FAH and observed that would enhance the manufacturing process by making the working environment better in its plant and avoid the gases to penetrate the environment.


The customer installed the FAH and Amair 300E and found a marked difference in the air quality inside the facility.

Graph SAAF MD Cassette