CR II Module’s Minimum Installation Height Resolves OT’s Conventional Lab Design

Tirupati, India

Leading Medical Centre of Tirupati


Government Medical College and Hospital exclusively for women




Filtration Situation

As a part of the expansion plan, the hospital wanted to have an additional 15 numbers of Operation Theatres (OT). They typically used conventional deep-pleat HEPA filters in the plenum above these theatres. The deep pleat HEPA Plenum is typically with a side throw design. It comes equipped with deep pleat filters needing more height. However, in a few of the theatres, they lack enough vertical space for these deep-pleat style filters due to the height of the civil slab.

The new facility was designed based on an old design from their earlier facility where they did not consider the height for the filtration system. Once the facility was constructed, the height of the OT ceiling was a concern for implementing a filtration system. The college personnel needed an effective solution that made economical use of space.

The AAF International Solution

This facility posed a unique design challenge due to design constraints. Their engineering team approached AAF International for suitable recommendations to solve this challenge. The team visited the site, evaluated the conditions, and made a detailed presentation of possible solutions.


After discussing their options, the engineering team selected the high-performance filter module – CR II module with mini-pleat filters as their ideal solution. It has minimum installation height and designed for use in operating theatres, associated preparation rooms, and intensive care wards. Their choice reduced the plenum height from 700 mm to approximately 300 mm. The hospital’s engineering team submitted the product drawings supplied by the AAF International team, which were verified as compatible by the design consultant.

The customer agreed to install FAH and observed that would enhance the manufacturing process by making the working environment better in its plant and avoid the gases to penetrate the environment.


AAF International received the order after an intensive analysis of the site conditions and evaluating the situation. AAF provided filtration solution for their new operating theatres (15) in different configurations for various surgical needs.

AAF’s customized space-saving solution resolved a tricky problem for the hospital’s engineers, and the HEPA mini-pleat filters provided clean air to meet the demands of the healthcare facility. AAF successfully implemented customized air filtration solution meeting the most functional design and efficiency requirements.