SAAF™ Deep Bed Scrubber

Gas-Phase Filtration Product

SAAF™ Deep Bed Scrubber can be configured to fit exact application needs. Prefilter options may include multiple passes of filters, ranging from 2” pleats to 30” pocket filters. The SAAF DBS can hold one to four 12” beds of gas-phase media to allow flexibility in media choices and ability to handle gaseous contaminant loads. Final Filter options include multiple passes to allow for increased stages of filtration. It is is constructed of painted CRS or stainless-steel construction for maximum protection and durability.

Product Overview

  • SAAF™ Deep Bed Scrubber combines AAF’s particulate and gas-phase technologies for an AAF Total Filtration Solution
  • Provides highest chemical media-to-air ratio for heavily polluted environments that require air quality guarantees and optimal cost of ownership
  • Available with internal fan: wide range of sizes and combination of AAF Filtration technologies
  • SAAF™ Deep Bed Scrubber offers the best flexibility and control to adapt to changes in the environment
SAAF™ Deep Bed Scrubber

Typical Applications

Pulp & Paper

Wastewater Operations


Main StructureAluminium
Panel MaterialDouble Wall
Pre-Filter Depth (mm)44-46
Secondary FilterOptional
Media TypeCarbon, Impregnated Carbon,Chemical, Blended
Number of Bed1, 2
Bed Depth (mm)300