Retrofit Solution to Combat Restaurant Odour

One of the biggest Indian food outlets in Middle East located in the busiest zone of any shopping mall, The food Court.

Filtration Situation

Since most of the restaurants / food courts face odour issues, it is important to have the right filtration system in these areas. One of the centrally located restaurants was facing the issue of controlling the odours from fryers of their kitchen to adjacent shops. This odour was creating a nuisance to the adjacent shops and the whole food zone could get the smell of the odour. This has become a concern for the newly opened mall since these odours could get into the HVAC system and could enter other shops as well. It was nearly impossible to have a kitchen hood to solve this issue. The shopping mall authority asked the restaurant to solve the odour issue as it became a topic of concern for other retailers and visitors. The owner of the restaurant decided to find out the air filtration solution.

The restaurant owner was aware of American Air Filter’s solution as he has used them in other restaurants. They decided to approach AAF expecting required air filtration solution.

The AAF International Solution

Skilled engineers from AAF visited the mall, analysed its floor plan, type of food prepared and identified the source of contaminants. The source of odours was the spices in the food ingredients.

Since the existing design didn’t allow us to install the Kitchen Ecology Unit (KEU) and because of the space restriction, we suggested SAAF Air Purification System with – 1 stage of particle filter and 2 stages of gas-phase filter. This 3-stage odour removal system was planned to be placed in the close proximity of the fryer station. The two different media selection of media type was decided with the type of food prepared and odour expected out of it. The two different media are for capturing different smells emitting from the fryers.

Recirculation Unit


The customer was happy with the successful installation of AAF odour control units. There were no odour complaints from the adjacent shops and mall maintenance team after the installation. This solution has solved the issue and save the restaurant from shutting down.

This cost-effective solution has helped the client in controlling the cooking odour and gaseous contaminants. The client was satisfied with AAF’s solution and continued to run the restaurant inside the shopping mall.