AAF Helps Oldest Hospital to Meet NABH Standards

LOCATION: Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

• One of the top-ranked educational, healthcare and research institutes in India
• 3000-bedded multi-speciality medical institution of international fame

Filtration Situation

In 2010, one of the oldest and busiest hospitals in Tamil Nadu planned to renovate the air ventilation system of their operation theatres.

The medical institution had normal air conditioning with filters in air handling unit in its operation theatre. Many critical operations were carrying out in those operation theatres. The features & conditions of these operation theatres were not meeting NABH norm of ACH (Air Change Rate per Hour) and laminar air flow requirement. The medical college needed accreditation from NABH for their OTs and they wanted to upgrade them.

Since the hospital was too occupied with crucial operations every day, they identified a slot of a lean period during the Christmas holidays. They invited AAF to propose a solution by doing a feasibility study of the existing installation without excessive renovation.

The AAF International Solution

The challenge for AAF was to analyse the current air ventilation system of the old building and suggest the right air filtration system and install it within the stipulated period.

AAF quickly reacted to the situation, carefully studied the requirement, did the feasibility study of implying in the given operation theatres.

AAF discussed the outcome and possibilities with the customer and reached to the consensus, where 48sqft of TMRSC with minor changes in AHU would comply with NABH guidelines. So, they came up with the proposal and drawings of the TMRSC ceiling hood to provide 48sqft laminar air flow area for their OTs.


The newly launched TMRSC ceiling hood is designed to meet the stringent air quality requirements of cleanrooms. The AstroCel TM RSC comes in anodized extruded cell side construction with an aluminium top plate. It is lightweight and easy to install. The filter seals automatically with the permanent knife-edge in the hood. It is factory tested and certified filter.


AAF successfully convinced the customer and taken up this turnkey project, where air filter supply, installation and validation need to be done in a strict time frame.

During the Christmas break of 10 days, the AAF team of experts, engineers and technicians started working together to install TM RSC housing in 8 operation theatres. It was a challenge to fabricate to the plenum looking at the shorter window available for this activity.

AAF experts were on the site until the project completion. The successful installation met the expectations and attained NABH norms. The client was happy with the quick response and urgency showed by the AAF team, hence gave the whole maintenance project for the HEPA filters.

As a result, in 2019 AAF has got another prestigious project to install the CR-II model for their new buildings. AAF has become a preferred partner for its commitment and expertise in the air filtration industry.