Strong Technical Progression of AAF Win Over Competition

Bangalore, India

Food manufacturing company registered in Delhi – 900 lakhs capital


One of the main co-packers for a global beverage giant


Has plants in Karnataka, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh


Bengaluru, Karnataka plant has awarded as No.1 co-packer for its best quality packing


Filtration Situation

Within the Food and Beverage manufacturing facility, filtration is vital in preventing cross contamination, ensuring consistent and superior quality products, and protecting people and process equipment. This food manufacturing plant of Bengaluru has rated as one of the best plants among other Co-packers of water bottles for a global beverage client. The company was using a competitor’s HEPA filter in its main production air handling unit (AHU). Air filters were installed in critical areas like Filler1, Filler2, Jarline Filler3, blower oven.

The air inside the food and beverage facility may contain Molds, spores, bacteria or viruses’ Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Fine dusts and/or other dry ingredients. The customer knows that even minimal air contamination in these fillers may result in the rejection of the whole container.

Hence the customer demanded most advanced technological solution to continue to grow at an extraordinary rate. AAF International was asked to do a survey of the facility for the betterment of the unit with advanced filtration technology.

The AAF International Solution

AAF international surveyed the manufacturing unit and recommended to replace the air filters with pre, fine and HEPA filters for all the critical areas where fillers are placed. Particularly AAF’s Astrocel-II was recommended to these critical areas. AstroCel I HEPA filters are used primarily in cleanrooms and clean zones, which require the very highest levels of contamination control. This product comes with Antimicrobial Treated Media traps and concentrates particulate air contaminants to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) while preserving the integrity of the media.

Pre-filters, fine filters and HEPA filters were installed in each filler for effective removal of air contaminants. AAF understands the filtration needs and applications, as well as advise on regulatory requirements for total air quality.


AstroCel I


The customer was convinced the proposal and replaced all competitors’ filters with AAF Astrocel-I filters with professional guidance and analysis. The customer was happy with the persistent technical support of AAF International and referred AAF filters to all other co-packing units. The combination of AAF’s extensive product portfolio and high-level technical support capabilities has provided significantly improved results for many satisfied customers.

AAF addresses all business challenges in a changing market which is propelled by increased consumer awareness and rising air pollution.