AAF’s Immediate Support Helps Navesta Pharmaceuticals to Reopen its Plant

Navesta Pharmaceuticals


Colombo, Srilanka

A leading Corporate Governance Pharmaceutical company


It manufactures dry powder injectables of Beta Lactam


Navesta Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading corporate governance pharmaceutical company of Srilanka. Navesta manufactures dry powder injectables of Beta Lactam in its 40,000 sqft sterile manufacturing plant which is first of its kind in Sri Lanka.

Filtration Situation

Navesta Pharmaceuticals understands the importance of good filtration in the sterile manufacturing industry, and as a leading pharma company, they follow stringent quality standards and have a regular inspection for each product and processes in their plant.

During their regular inspection, the quality team observed that the microglass HEPA filters were damaged at their filling machine area. Production halted for the need of HEPA filters as the quality team had stopped the production of dry powder injectables for 12 days. This led to the plant to incur losses of 20Mn LKR per day.

The AAF International Solution

Navesta reached out to AAF and the team reciprocated to the urgency. AAF recommended Megacel II mini pleat HEPA filter Grade: H14 (Gen 5) with eFRM media which has superior resistance to damage over glass fibre media.

The AAF team explained about eFRM filtration technology, which is today’s alternative to fragile microglass HEPA filters. It is designed specifically for the unique requirements and challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. eFRM is more reliable and is immune to industrial solvents and fumigation agents as it can sustain repeated validations.

eFRM media has finer fiber diameter and denser structure which leads to high efficiency. This eFRM media in the Megacel II filter performs at the highest level in critical areas with a near-zero off-gasing of chemical components.



The awareness that was created by the marketing and technical team helped the customer to invest in the PAO compliant eFRM filter media over traditional glass media for their critical application.

The other added benefit which Navesta got was higher capture efficiency for ultra-micro and nanoparticles. The media has sustained efficiency at even higher velocity.

All the stakeholders, CSG, Manufacturing, Logistics aligned to the customers need and ensured quick response with a delivery turnaround time of 4 days, an example of a service mindset driven. The quick response time of manufacturing and delivery to the client site helped the client to start the plant immediately and it saved the client a considerable amount of time and money.