What is the Importance of Indoor Air Quality in Hospital Operating Rooms?

Hospital air quality is dependent on the patients, medical staff, workers’ activities, and the indoor environment. Hence in hospitals, there are higher chances of indoor air pollutants/ airborne pollutants, and outdoor pollutants being present suspended in the environment.

Indoor pollutants such as microorganisms (bacteria, viruses) and other infectious particles associated with the hospital’s environment can travel through window cracks, ventilation systems, and in-shoe, causing risks of infections among the occupants in the hospitals.

In such scenario’s hospital, indoor air quality can lead to potentially life-altering diseases in medical staff, patients, and workers. Therefore, the quality of indoor air should be maintained safely and hygienically. This is to ensure clean hospital indoor environments/wards, especially operating rooms (operating theatres – (OT)).

The operation room is one of the most crucial rooms in any healthcare facility, where delicate surgeries are performed with extreme precision. A high level of clinical knowledge and expertise is required to ensure that all procedures are carried out satisfactorily while upholding high standards of sterility and cleanliness.

Air quality in operating rooms plays an important role to maintain the hygiene of medical staff, patients, and surgeons during and after surgery. Later resulting in post operative surgical site infections and consequently increases severe illness and mortality.

In order to avoid these conditions, a clean, safe, and sterile operation (good indoor air quality) theatre will become an essential component for ensuring that patients are not put at risk during surgery.

Being a part of the hospital’s infrastructure, keeping their equipment clean, sterilizing all surfaces daily, and maintaining high standards regarding patient safety and comfort are also considered effective measures for helping to combat these problems.

Cleaning hospital equipment, sterilizing all surfaces, and maintaining high standards of patient safety and comfort are some of the effective measures for combating surgical site infections. But beyond these cleaning processes, hospitals require the right air filtration solutions to achieve pure indoor air (installing air filtration solutions such as  Terminal modules along with HEPA / ULPA filters, HEPA/OT Plenum, ceiling mounted air purifiers, etc will answer these challenges).

Here at The American Air Filter (AAF), we will work with you to determine what the best options are for improving your current environment and work to meet your needs.

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AAF Air Filtration Solutions for Healthcare/ Hospital Operating Theatres:


  • Meet the stringent air quality requirements of smaller OT
  • Lightweight and easy to install construction
  • Dedicated Cleanroom Filter

CR II [Operating Theatre Ceiling HEPA Module]:

  • Exclusively made for hospital major OT activities
  • Rigid, airtight construction
  • Requires minimum Installation Height


  • Individually tested for certified performance
  • Effective filters to improve IAQ
  • Ensuring highest levels of contamination control


  • Contains ePTFE /eFRM advanced filtration technology media
  • Available in ≥99.99% & ≥99.9995% efficiencies
  • Best choice for the most demanding applications

Fan Filter Unit (FFU AC& FFU EC):

  • Can be easily ceiling grid system
  • Perfect Solution for unitary air conditioning systems
  • Assures the highest efficiency airflow rates

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