Due to the recent pandemic explosion around the globe, we are all taking extensive precautions to our health at our home as well as at office premises.

But why we are suddenly talking about this and pinpoint the new words
• Clean Air
• Indoor Air Quality
Air Purifiers
• VOC’s [Volatile Organic Compounds] etc

Prior to this situation most of us working from exclusive corporate offices/ SEZ parks/ commercial buildings/co-working spaces and even in virtual offices without thinking above topics!
What made us think about these?
Let us understand these topics one by one

Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are organic chemical compounds whose composition makes it possible for them to evaporate under normal indoor atmospheric conditions of temperature and pressure.
According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency- United States) authority, VOCs have the boiling point range of 50–100 to 240–2600C.

These VOCs are everywhere in both indoor and outdoor environments because they have become essential key ingredients in the manufacturing of products and materials.
Classification of VOCs:
• Indoor VOCs
• Outdoor VOCs

Indoor VOCs: Indoors, VOCs are mostly released into the air from the use of products and materials containing VOCs.
Outdoor VOCs: Outdoors, VOCs are volatilized or released into the air mostly during the manufacture or use of everyday products and materials.

For Example:
The various paint & coating products that we use for indoor and outdoor environments are made up of chemical solvents, powder form of chemicals, and other kinds of additive materials. These paint & coatings might emit VOCs after being applied to the indoor and outdoor environments, or while replacing the old ones. Certainly, these cause health issues.
Other example is most of us working in a corporate company/manufacturing units/service locations for a longer hour in their office premises. During these hours we are surrounded by many numbers of office furniture, materials etc. Again, these are the potential sources of VOCs.

Harmful Effects of VOCs

According to the EPA, VOCs may cause a lot of problems, such as
• Irritated Throat, Nose, Or Eyes
• Damage To Your Central Nervous, Kidney, And Liver
• Dizziness
• Fatigue
• Allergic skin reaction
• Frequent headache

If you have been experiencing these symptoms, you may want to take steps to fight these particles and improve your indoor air quality. After all, there is a range of benefits of breathing clean air.
Which VOCs are Dangerous?

The problem is that VOCs are contained in a lot of common products. Given below is a list of common VOCs that you may want to deal with.
• Acetone
• Benzene
• Xylene
• Butanal
• Dichlorobenzene
• Carbon disulfide
• Methylene chloride
• Terpenes
• Toluene
• Formaldehyde
• Ethanol

Best Air Purifiers to remove VOCs:
If you are looking for the best air purifier to get rid of VOCs, we suggest that you try our AAF India’s /AAF Saudi’s particulate and gas-phase filtration solutions. The beauty of these products is that they can capture 99.99% of these particles. In other words, they can capture

• Mold, Spores, Pollen
• Carbon monoxide, and VOCs
• Vehicle engine exhaust, exhaust from industrial plants
• Asbestos, clays, elemental particles
• Malodorous compounds (example: Vinegar)
• Fine dust from sugar, flour
• Bacteria, Viruses, and by-products
• Fumigants etc

So, these filters can capture different types of dangerous particles including gas-phase VOCs. These filters contain an additional layer of activated carbon, which can trap harmful airborne gases and other chemicals.

So, now the primary and very basic question that arises in our mind is,

What makes these air purifiers so different?

Which characteristics that we need to investigate?
• Filter Effectiveness
• Customizable for various needs

Filter Effectiveness:
First of all, these air-purifying units can circulate a lot of clean air across your room by trapping/ filtering/ adsorption/ absorption or even by other effective mechanisms.

Customizable for Various Needs:
Based on your various requirements at your indoor and outdoor spaces you may want to go for the best air filtration solutions. You have the liberty to choose from a range of Air filters, Media, equipment, accessories, services etc are available from AAF India/AAF ME website.

In short, we simply recommend if you want to deal with VOCs, we suggest that you purchase a good quality air purifier from AAF (American Air Filters).

Are you dealing with VOCs in your indoor/outdoor spaces?
Do you want to eliminate these VOCs?
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