Gas-Phase Chemical Media

SAAFBlend WS is produced from an equal volumetric mix of SAAFOxidant™, SAAFCarb™, and SAAFCarb™ MA. SAAFOxidant engineered media is composed of a combination of activated alumina and other binders, in spherical, porous pellets. Potassium permanganate is impregnated to this media combination in order to provide optimum adsorption, absorption, and oxidation of various gaseous contaminants. Potassium permanganate is applied uniformly during pellet formation and is distributed throughout the pellet volume. This process provides the maximum amount of impregnant for chemical reaction and optimal performance.The SAAFOxidant and SAAFCarb MA chemisorptive process removes the contaminant gases by adsorption, absorption, and chemical reaction. The gas is trapped within the pellet, where a chemical reaction changes the gases into harmless solids and mitigates the possibility of desorption.

Product Overview

  • SAAFBlend WS targets acidic gases, volatile organic compounds, reactive molecular weight organics
  • Accurate service life testing
  • This gas-phase chemical media Target contaminants include:
    -Hydrocarbons (VOCs)
    -Hydrogen sulfide
    -Lower molecular weight aldehydes and organic acids
    -Nitric oxide
    -Nitrogen dioxide
    -Sulfur dioxide

Typical Applications

Commercial Building

Data Centers

Waste Water Treatment

Food & Beverage



Schools & Universities

Museums & Historic Storage


Pulp & Paper

Museums & Historic Storage