SAAF Cassette Cleanroom Grade

Gas-Phase Filtration Product

SAAF Cassette Cleanroom Grade’s patent-pending design provides a high-pressure, no-glue snap assembly. This rigid construction excludes harmful glues, solvents, or MEK’s from the manufacturing process, allowing for better structural integrity and eliminating gas by-pass problems.

Product Overview

  • SAAF Cassette Cleanroom Grade is more energy-efficient than any other competitive cassette
  • SAAF Cassette Cleanroom Grade is designed for full media utilization
  • Improves fit and sealing integrity in any cassette holding system
  • This gas-phase filtration product is glue-free design eliminates off-gassing, bypass and leakage
SAAF Cassette Cleanroom Grade

Typical Applications

Commercial Building

Data Centers

Waste Water Treatment

Food & Beverage



Schools & Universities

Museums & Historic Storage


Pulp & Paper

Museums & Historic Storage