RotoClone Type LVN

Wet Dust Collectors

Product Overview

The RotoClone® LVN collector was patterned after the standard RotoClone® N collector, which has been installed in thousands of applications since its introduction in the 1940s. It is an efficient, compact and economical wet-type dust collector specifically designed for volumetric flow rates of 2,500 CFM or less.

It cleans the air by the combined action of centrifugal force and a violent inter-mixing of water and dust-laden air. The dust is separated from the gas stream by means of a water curtain created by the high velocity flow of air past a stationary impeller. This high velocity flow carries water with it in a heavy turbulent sheet.

RotoClone Type LVN



  • Compact design
  • No water overflow
  • Low maintenance
  • Two nominal sizes: 1,000 CFM, and 2,000 CFM 
  • Proven RotoClone™ Type N collector design
  • Built-in centrifugal fan
  • Direct drive – no belts requiring changing or adjustment
  • Standard 14-gauge 304 SS construction
  • Attractive (flush) cabinet-type housing design
  • Large 2″ drain coupling for cleaning
  • Simple water level control
  • Sloped wall for easy sludge removal
  • No moving components (except fan)
  • Non-clogging/low build-up water entrainment separators reduce maintenance
  • Vertical airflow – minimal floor space required
  • Built-in safety features for light metalworking
  • Low water safety controls
  • Automatic water level controls

Typical Applications


Food & Beverage

Lead Battery Plants