COVID19 Solutions: AAF Supports One of the Major Health Ministries of Middle East

LOCATION: Middle East

• One of the major health bodies of Middle East

Filtration Situation

Health ministry is responsible for all government programs related to healthcare in the country. To fight with the invisible enemy COVID-19, the health ministry approached air filtration experts to formulate the health policy and set standards for all the isolation rooms of their government hospitals to treat COVID patients and to control the spread of the disease.
Nearly all the government hospitals were having standard pressure isolation rooms of Class S. The immediate requirement of policy restructuring and implementation for redesigning of isolation rooms urged the ministry to call out for refurbish project by air filtration experts.

The AAF International Solution

For this renovation project, considering the different structures and designs of isolation rooms in government hospitals, AAF proposed a complete design of isolation rooms according to ISHRAE standards. The proposal briefed the exhaust air standards to maintain the isolation room in Class N and the technical calculations of the room with the addition of portable air purification system (a 3-stage air filtration equipment with UV light).

The product can be used in 100% exhaust or need-based variable exhaust based on the application or as 100% recirculation modes.
AAF’s new launch, AstroPure 500 is a stand-alone complete air purification system to recirculate and clean the air in a controlled environment. It combines particulate, gas-phase and HEPA filters to remove airborne particles, gaseous contaminants, viruses, bacteria, fungus and molds to provide total clean air solution. The pre-filter prolongs the life span of a higher efficiency filter. The gas-phase filter effectively removes odor problems. And the final stage of filter, H14 HEPA filters remove fine particles, viruses, bacteria, fungus, molds with an efficiency of 99.995% at 0.3μm. This powerful system delivers 500 CFM operating airflow. Variable speed controls enable the AstroPure 500 to be run at lower speeds wherever less airflow is required.
The complete project proposal was made in collaboration with its partner by keeping in mind the additional ducting requirements and renovation involved in the project.



Technical engineers from the health ministry approved the design proposal and specified AAF AstroPure 500 for all the Government Hospitals under them. The health ministry was convinced with AAF’s technical expertise and the proposal of taking up the complete renovation project.
AAF gained customer confidence by supporting in designing each hospital’s specific requirements regarding airflow rates. 20+ hospitals were successfully designed and 50+ isolation rooms were converted into negative pressure quarantine rooms with AstroPure500 units to treat COVID positive and symptomatic patients.