Enclosures & Ventilation Systems

Enclosures & Ventilation Systems

Product Overview

  • Enclosures & Ventilation Systems acoustic enclosures – A0, H0 & H60 fire ratings
  • Withstands to blast loads
  • AC / DC fan assemblies
  • Enclosures & Ventilation Systems are fire, retention & non-return dampers
  • Silencers & ductwork
Enclosures & Ventilation Systems

Benefits & Features

Proud History
A world leader in the design and application of gas turbine solutions, for small to large machines, serving all of the major original equipment manufacturers.

Trusted Partner
AAF has executed thousands of projects in the most demanding environments; from sub-zero Arctic through to remote deserts to offshore marine. Recognized globally for its quality, expertise and innovation, ensuring reliable performance for operators around the world.

High Standards
AAF International’s entire product range meets all industry and original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) standards, ensuring superior quality and total peace of mind.

Advanced Technology
An extensive range of products with a mission to provide best in class equipment throughout the lifecycle of your plant.