FabriPulse® M

Dry Dust Collectors

Product Overview

The FabriPulse® M pulse-jet collector meets the needs of industrial dust collection applications that have low air volume and require small, compact filter sizes. It is engineered to give years of efficient service and minimum downtime in continuous duty dust collection applications.

The FabriPulse™ M is a cost-effective dust collector for many of today’s dust control problems. It is capable of handling difficult applications like hot, aggressive dusts through a choice of carefully selected high-performance medias. When combined with a compact design to minimize headroom and the lower total cost of ownership, the FabriPulse™ M can now be found in a wide variety of industrial processes and applications.

FabriPulse® M



  • Clean air 
  • Energy savings 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Saves space 
  • Long service life
  • Efficiency level at over 99% 
  • High operating air-to-cloth ratio 
  • Wide choice of filter medias
  • Excellent dust cake release at minimum differential pressure

Typical Applications



Food & Beverage