AmerShield Pre Filter

Pre Filters

Product Overview

  • AmerShield advanced pre-filter technology 
  • This pre filter is ideal pleat geometry for maximum service life and low cost of ownership
  • Very low airflow resistance for increased turbine output
  • Moisture-proof thermally bonded synthetic media

Benefits & Features

Low Airflow Resistance
AmerShield’s advanced pleating design and optimized media area deliver the lowest possible resistance, increasing turbine output.

Longer Filter Life
The ideal pleat geometry of AmerShield facilitates full media utilization, long life, fewer filter change-outs and less downtime.

Coalescing Media
The 100% synthetic, proprietary media is hydrophobic, allowing moisture to coalesce out of the airstream to protect final filters.

AmerShield is very lightweight, making removal and installation as easy as possible.

Rugged Construction
The moisture-proof, high-impact plastic frame is designed for tough gas turbine intake environments.

Corrosion Proof
AmerShield filters contain no metal components, preventing the corrosion that can add particulates to the airstream over time.