Acoustic & Noise Control

Acoustic and Noise Control

Product Overview

  • Acoustic and Noise Control available with intake silencer/duct systems
  • Exhaust silencer/duct systems
  • Heat recovery steam generator silencers and stacks
  • Acoustic enclosures
  • Silenced ventilation systems
  • Noise barriers
  • With this Acoustic and Noise Control sound havens for workers
  • Acoustic and Noise Control is best suitable for Acoustic buildings with steelwork
  • Acoustic/Thermal insulation
  • Retrofit solutions
Acoustic and Noise Control

Benefits & Features

Flexible Approach
AAF’s work in gas turbine packaging has allowed us to become one of the leaders in full-service noise control systems. Our flexible approach ensures we can handle entire systems or individual components for both new and existing plants.

AAF offers a wide variety of silencers that are optimized for different applications and environments. Gas turbines are commonly a dominant source in the radiation of noise. Specifying the right silencer in the design stage of a project is crucial to avoid costly modifications after installation.

Acoustic Barriers
AAF acoustic barriers can be used to attenuate noise emission. This allows installation to be close to site boundaries without the risk of breaching noise requirements or receiving residential complaints in urban areas. AAF acoustic barriers can be made from a range of different materials and can be adapted to suit different requirements.

Acoustic Enclosures
AAF acoustic enclosures can be produced for a wide range of applications, manufactured from suitable materials for the given installation. This includes harsh environments such as offshore and coastal locations.

Acoustic Buildings
AAF acoustic buildings can be designed to meet each location’s individual requirements with regards to national standards. They are a customized solution that can be manufactured with additional functionality e.g. the provision of maintenance equipment.