Industrial Applications of AstroPure Air Purification System

American Air Filter, a Daikin group of company, the world’s largest clean air solutions provider has launched industrial-grade air purifiers for the healthcare segment. These portable air purifiers enable healthcare facilities to transform the basic patient room into a negative pressure isolation room.

The AstroPure 500 is the most versatile AAF model. It can be used as an infection control system in healthcare and commercial facilities. The 3-stage air filtration with UV light can be utilized in any of the three operating modes to recirculate and clean the air in a controlled environment.

· 100% exhaust
· Need-based variable exhaust based on the application
· 100% recirculation

The design of the device is appropriate for Accident & Emergency Room (ER), ICUs, Operating Room (OR) or any controlled surroundings to convert to an infection-free isolation room. This device also can be used in small clinics, laboratories, patients’ waiting rooms or any other common areas to keep away from the spread of infection while recirculating the air.


· A stand-alone complete air purification system to recirculate and clean the air in a controlled environment.
· It combines particulate, gas-phase and HEPA filters to remove airborne particles, gaseous contaminants, viruses, bacteria, fungus and molds to provide total clean air solution.
· The pre-filter prolongs the life span of a higher efficiency filter
· The gas-phase filter effectively removes odour problems.
· HEPA filter to remove fine particles, viruses, bacteria, fungus, molds with an efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3μm.

This powerful system delivers up to 500 CFM operating airflow. As a result, the AstroPure 500 can typically provide above 12 air changes per hour in rooms up to 2,500 cubic feet. Variable speed controls enable the AstroPure 500 to be run at lower speeds where less airflow is required. AstroPure 500 is one of the best solution to prevent the spread of viruses and can be used as a stand-alone unit in any space where people gather like offices, malls, hotels, airports, schools, hospitals, dental clinics, movie theatres, convention halls and tech parks.

Industrial Application:

· Airport — Airports receive gathering from across the globe making it a suitable place for unknown contaminations and spread of disease. Airport buildings and the communities near them are constantly exposed to air pollution from jet fumes, airborne dust particles caused by the movement of thousands of people, particulate matter from construction work, and chemical gases from the use of cleaning chemicals. The environments in and around airports are heavily polluted with gaseous contaminants and particulate matter (PM), making it all the more important to ensure that airline passengers and workers are breathing clean, purified air. Due to AstroPure’s numerous infection control application, AstroPure 500 is a best option to be installed in airports to increase the indoor air quality.

· Commercial Building — Healthy airflow and ventilation in commercial buildings is vital to protect the building occupants and visitors from indoor air pollutants, and enhance their health, comfort, and work efficiency. Regular maintenance of air filtration systems, including high-efficiency filters and air cleaning devices plays a key role in protecting against contaminated particles, harmful gases, and unpleasant odors. AstroPure 500 can be removed from its cart for operation as a fixed device. It can be used as a portable system for movement from room to room on its stable, easy-to-move caster cart. Making it easier to handle and use in commercial buildings.

· Healthcare — The AstroPure 500 is designed specifically to enable a healthcare facility to quickly and inexpensively convert a standard patient room to a negative pressure isolation room. It can also be rolled into an ER, OR, ICU, or radiology suite when an airborne infection isolation room is required. It can be used as a recirculating device in outpatient clinics, waiting areas, and other common use areas where the status of patients and visitors is unknown.

· Schools and Universities — Students spend more than 1,300 hours in a school building each year and need to be protected. Poor air quality in schools and universities has been linked with problems in concentration, increased asthma, and generally lowered health and academic success. Insuring clean air is vital not only to children’s growth and wellbeing, but their future as well. AstroPure 500 provides a pure, safe and sustainable environment for the students.

· Hospitality — The hotel guest experience is critical to the highly competitive and ever-changing hospitality industry. Excellent Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a key component of that experience. In a hotel, convention or casino environment, people spend 80% of their time inside the buildings. The indoor environment is therefore the most fundamental element of service quality. Guests want a healthy and comfortable environment in order to be productive at meetings and enjoy their leisure time, be it in their rooms, in restaurants, or around establishment premises. At the same time, employees need to be able to concentrate to work efficiently. To meet these expectations, good IAQ is essential.

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