AAF Introduces Ceiling Mounted Air Purifier Unit – PurAir 350C

September 05, 2020: PurAir350C can be retrofitted in isolation rooms, consultation rooms, wards, clinics, labs to protect from the spread of viruses and bacteria.

A combination of PurAir 350C and isolation stretcher provides perfect protection by containing possible outbreaks from transferring patients. The isolation stretcher contains the virus within the box, which has side pocket-holes allowing the medical staff to attend to the patient without exposing themselves to the virus. The trapped contaminated air is drawn by PurAir 350C, ensuring clean air is released to the outside environment. This solution can also be used for ambulances and test labs thus, protecting medical staff from possible virus carriers during transferring patients.


  • The compact design of machine integrated with three-stage of high-performance ­filters can ef­ficiently remove indoor fine particles, harmful gases, bacteria and viruses.
  • The ­first-stage coarse panel fi­lter is used to effectively remove indoor large particles, dust and hair.
  • The second-stage gas-phase fi­lter can effectively remove indoor TVOC, odors, harmful gases, such as formaldehyde.
  • Third stage HEPA fi­lter can remove indoor particles such as PM2.5, PM1 and bacteria and virus.
  • The machine adopts a low-noise, high-torque DC fan, and three-speed switch function.
  • The optimized sealing structure can effectively control noise.
  • A quick ceiling-mounted structure design is suitable for pipelines and surface-mounted environments. With upstream and downstream pressure drop detection port, it meets the professional site testing requirements.
  • Easy-to-replace air duct adapters at both ends for on-site installation.

Humanized automatic stop function when the opening cover to protect operator safety.

AAF’s Success Launch Story

AAF supported a standard laboratory to convert into a corona testing lab with PurAir350C for safe exhaust air. Since PurAir 350C itself is complete equipment with several filtration stages and a fan (to address pressure drop variation), it was a perfect retrofit solution to upgrade the lab to handle the coronavirus tests for safe exhaust air, also without impacting the existing HVAC system. It can be connected to an existing fresh air system or mixed (fresh & recirculating) air system.

Case Study Reference: https://aaf-me.info/success-stories/

Product Page: https://aaf-me.info/products-middle-east-saudi-arabia/

PurAir350C can also be used in commercial buildings, schools, airports, financial institutions, hotels, shopping malls, religious buildings, gyms, beauty parlors, banks, restaurants, cafes and any building which requires HEPA filtered air.

About AAF

Founded in 1921, AAF is a name recognized globally for quality, expertise, and innovation in Air Filtration. It is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, USA and has operations in 23 countries and 6 R&D centers worldwide. It is a Daikin group company which is a diversified international manufacturing company and a global leader in air-conditioning with the group annual revenue of $23 billion USD. AAF International entered India in 2006 and has established 2 plants in Bangalore and Noida with its headquarters in Bangalore. AAF has occupied an advantageous position in the Indian market and has maintained the leading position in the filtration industry.

AAF provides solutions for:

  • IAQ to protect people at healthcare facilities, airports and commercial complexes
  • Cleanroom filtration to protect processes
  • Gas-phase products for gaseous contaminants like VOCs and corrosive/toxic gases
  • Air Pollution Control – Dust collectors and smoke collectors
  • Gas Turbines – Auxiliary equipment, filters, repairs, refurbishment, retrofit and upgrades

AAF is a company with an outstanding industry record. The company has provided clean air for more than 99 years. Superior industry knowledge and an outstanding team of air filtration professionals mean the customers receive top quality products and services at a competitive price. From inexpensive disposable panel filters to high efficiency extended surface filters with antimicrobial media, AAF markets the widest range of air filters available. AAF has developed and introduced most of the filter designs throughout the industry, including the mini-pleats, extended surface bag filters and Perfectpleat.


AAF Saudi/ Riyadh: +966 50 600 8776
Website: https://aaf-me.info/

AAF Middle East: +971 56 179 2002
Website: https://aaf-me.info/

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