TurboShield GT Barrier Filter

Gas Turbine & Rotating Machinery Filters

Product Overview

  • TurboShield GT is suitable for applications with high moisture or dust concentration 
  • TurboShield GT utilizes patented Impress® pleating technology
  • Ideal V-shape pleats for smooth airflow
  • Media resists distortion under high-pressure loads
  • TurboShield GT is sustained, high-particle-collection efficiency for maximum engine protection
  • Enhanced power output 
TurboShield GT

Benefits & Features

Low Pressure Drop
Optimum pleat geometry and media area as well as an unobstructed filter face minimize airflow restriction through the TurboShield® GT.

Long Service Life
Low initial resistance, ideal pleat spacing and higher than average media density allow for maximized particle management and full media utilization.

Durable Construction
Corrosion-proof construction with plastic protection screens on the upstream and downstream sides of the filter provide increased stability and protection. Impress® pleat formation delivers a robust media pack with a burst strength exceeding industry standards.

Leak-free Seal
The risk of bypass is eliminating through a sealed media pack on all four sides of the filter and a seamless, foam-in-place gasket on the filter frame.

Moisture Resistance
100% relative humidity protection. Vertical pleats provide moisture drainage. Intermittent glue separators allow coalesced water to drain down to the bottom of the filter.