TSC side access housing

Nuclear Equipment

Product Overview

The Type TSC side access housing is especially suited for applications where air flow is typically 1000 to 2000 CFM and where specially qualified components, such as fan motor assemblies, demisters, electric heaters, filters, instruments and special depth charcoal beds are required. Side access housings eliminate internal access space requirements, making the housings much shorter where available space is a premium.

In the TSC housing components are located in a one element wide configuration to accommodate specified air flow. The housing is designed to the environmental and pressure conditions specified. All nuclear housings are built and tested per ASME N509 and ASME AG-1.

TSC side access housing

Benefits & Features


Shortest practical length filter house, due to air flow within unit making a sinuous path through the filter house.

Typical Arrangement of components:
(1) Module high: 1000 CFM
(2) Modules high: 2000 CFM
(3) Modules high: 3000 CFM

Uses standard AAF Nuclear HEPA filter and Carbon Tray filter banks as “standard” components within the filter house.