Side Access Carbon

Side Access Housings

Product Overview

The Side Access Carbon filter housing is designed for use with air handling units or other side access equipment. It offers the convenience of servicing the filter from outside the air duct and is especially suited for installations involving limited headroom.

The Side Access Carbon housing is a gas phase filtration system. It removes gaseous contaminants (note: gaseous contaminants are not captured by particulate filters) from the airstream through adsorption, and in some cases, chemical neutralization. During the adsorption process, gaseous molecules are physically attracted to the surface of the adsorbent medium where they are captured and retained.

Side Access Carbon

Benefits & Features


  • Two depths (36″ & 38″)
  • 60% activity 4 x 8 mesh coconut shell based activated carbon charcoal
  • Refillable enamel coated steel trays
  • Structurally rated up to 6″ positive pressure
  • 16-gauge galvanized steel
  • Welded construction
  • 1-5/16″ turned out flanges
  • Integral prefilters, 2″ or 4″
  • Internal bracing
  • Factory assembled
  • The Carbon Concept
  • High Quality Media for Maximum Adsorption
  • Trays are Easy to Use and Reuse
  • Prefilters Protect Adsorbtion Media
  • The Side Access housing was specifically designed to meet IAQ air cleaning requirements

Typical Applications