Gas-Phase Chemical Media

SAAFCarb™ MB media provides effective removal of ammonia gas. It efficiently removes 99.5% of the contaminant from SAAFCarb™ MB systems. A specifically designed acid impregnant enhances the removal capacity of ammonia to a 7.0% minimum. SAAFCarb™ MB media undergoes several quality control tests before being shipped, including tests for moisture content, bulk density, and carbon tetrachloride absorption. The SAAFCarb™ MB media chemisorption process removes impure gases by adsorption, absorption, and chemical reaction. The gas is trapped within the pellet and a chemical reaction changes the gases into harmless solids, thereby mitigating the possibility of desorption.

Product Overview

  • SAAFCarb™ MB provides effective removal of ammonia gas
  • SAAFCarb™ MB gas-phase chemical media is effective removal volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Low pressure drop
  • Specifically impregnated media

Typical Applications

Commercial Building

Data Centers

Waste Water Treatment

Food & Beverage



Schools & Universities

Museums & Historic Storage


Pulp & Paper

Museums & Historic Storage