Gas-Phase Chemical Media

SAAFCarb™ MA media is manufactured exclusively for corrosive environments. Targeted impurities include hydrogen sulfate, sulfur dioxide, and volatile organic compounds (VOC). The media is composed of carbon, alumina and other binders uniformly impregnated for optimal removal of acid gases.The SAAFCarb™ MA removes 99.5% of contaminant gases from carbon-based air filtration systems through adsorption, absorption and chemical reaction. The pellets trap and oxidize the gases, changing them into harmless solids while eliminating desorption. SAAFCarb MA media’s engineering allows the process to be instantaneous, irreversible, and chemically safe. 

Product Overview

  • SAAFCarb™ MA is manufactured exclusively for acidic corrosive environments
  • Targeted contaminant removal capacity for acid gases
  • SAAFCarb™ MA provides extended equipment protection with infrequent media changeovers
  • Compatible for use in all carbon-based air filtration systems
  • Low pressure drop and high adsorptive capacity

Typical Applications

Commercial Building

Data Centers

Waste Water Treatment

Food & Beverage



Schools & Universities

Museums & Historic Storage


Pulp & Paper

Museums & Historic Storage