Gas-Phase Chemical Media

SAAFCarb enhanced capacity media efficiently removes 99.5% of targeted contaminants from SAAFCarb systems. Target impurities include diesel fumes (nitrogen dioxide), hydrocarbons, chlorine, and volatile organic compounds (VOC). The pelletized activated carbon is composed of non-toxic, bituminous coal substrate. SAAFCarb media removes toxic and impure gases from the environment by adsorption. In this process, the gases accumulate on the surface of the pellet.

Product Overview

  • SAAFCarb is a pelletized activated carbon media that removes toxic and impure contaminants from the atmosphere
  • Quick and easy media changeovers
  • SAAFCarb resists a wide range of impure gases
  • This gas-phase chemical media contains low pressure drop and high adsorptive capacity

Typical Applications

Commercial Building

Data Centers

Waste Water Treatment

Food & Beverage



Schools & Universities

Museums & Historic Storage


Pulp & Paper

Museums & Historic Storage