SAAF Reactivity Monitoring Coupons (RMC)

Gas-Phase Filtration Services

SAAF™ Reactivity Monitoring Coupons provide information on average air reactivity over 30 days. This data helps clients evaluate area or room conditions in relation to air reactivity, and take any needed action to protect their electronics, equipment, and processes. In other industries, corrosion of server components means data center downtime. Transactions stop, software applications for logistics cannot run, and data cannot be stored. For areas using compressors, reactive air can lead to more frequent maintenance schedules, process downtime, and eventually shortened compressor life.

Product Overview

• SAAF™ Reactivity Monitoring Coupons are the investigative tool to gauge gas-phase filter performance
• SAAF™ Reactivity Monitoring Coupons ideal for site assessment reports related to air reactivity
• Identifies the presence of gas types (sulphur compounds, chlorine compounds, compounds from oxide films, and unknowns)
• Quantifies reactivity of environment as per ISA-71.04-2013 and related coupon standards

SAAF Chemical Media RLA

Typical Applications

Pulp & Paper

Wastewater Operations

Commercial Buildings

Data Centers

Food and Beverage




Museums & Historic Storage


Schools & Universities