Upgraded Filtration Helps Hospital to Comply with Canada Accreditation

LOCATION: An International Hospital of Kuwait

• One of the leading facilities in the healthcare sector in the region


An Accreditation Canada standards hospital was built to provide sustained and safe comprehensive healthcare services in a caring and ethical environment.

They provide specialized medical care services which include obstetric gynaecology, surgical, medical, paediatric, and critical care services. Being compliant with the Accreditation Canada standards, it aimed to address and revamp hospital systems and processes and provide a visible commitment to continuous and sustained improvement in the quality healthcare services.

Filtration Situation

As the hospital was classified as ISO 5 under Canada Accreditation, a yearly quality audit of the hospital is compulsory. IAQ of the hospital was one of the major quality standards to be maintained under this standard. The hospital consultant installed local air filters in the design stage of AHUs to maintain IAQ. These AHUs, unfortunately, were not able to maintain the necessary air quality for most areas within the hospitals, as well as for the isolation units within the specialised areas.

Since the audit team was not convinced with the current filtration system, the hospital decided to upgrade the air filtration system. The hospital consultant approached the global air filtration provider AAF.

The AAF International Solution

AAF’s dedicated team of engineers developed a good relationship with the client and helped them with the proper selection of the replacement of filters. AAF experts after thoroughly analysing the filter requirements, gave the technical presentation on the products suitable for critical areas like operation theatres, isolation rooms, laboratories and fresh air handling units, heat recovery units, etc to maintain IAQ.

AAF also offered customizable sizes for the perfect fit for the current systems. The air filtration products offered by AAF were Amwash, AmAir, Dripak, Astrocel I and Astrocel II.

AmWash filter is MERV 7 lightweight panel filter. It has a sturdy, long-lasting aluminium frame that offers great resistance in harsh operating conditions and good for hygiene classifications and used in FAHU’s.

AmAir range of prefilters are UL 900 classified MERV 8 filters. High loft media increases dust holding capacity and expanded metal support grid increases the stability of the pleat pack & used for RA & FAHU’s.

Dripak pocket filters of MERV14 range are used in this application as a secondary stage of filtration. The patented pocket design filter engineered for high-performance reliability. The unique pocket configuration guarantees complete pocket inflation and eliminates crowding or leakage. It is designed to perform in 100% RH condition.

AstroCel I filter classified in H13(99.995% avg. efficiency) and H14 (99.999% avg. efficiency) grades as per EN1822 has deep pleat design which can handle high capacity and elevated airflows. AstroCel II is grade H14 as per EN1822. The mini-pleat design HEPA filters used in laminar flow applications of cleanrooms and clean zones of the hospital.



The customer reviewed the performance of the solution provided by AAF, which enhanced IAQ of the hospital required to meet the accreditation standards. The results of reduced pressure drop, dust holding capacity and increased lifetime of the filters were remarkable and made AAF a reliable air filtration solution provider.