COVID19 Solutions: Retrofit Ceiling Mounted Air Purifier for Schools


• One of the CBSE-affiliated co-educational school in Dubai

Filtration Situation

To comply with health and safety guidelines, the Government of Dubai has set up a set of protocols for the reopening of private schools in Dubai. According to this protocol, every school was to plan an emergency isolation room where the staff and students will be kept for emergency treatment until the child/staff is taken for home isolation or for the hospital. To keep the education community safe, they were looking for a retrofit solution and approached their consultant for the optimum solution.

The AAF International Solution

AAF engineers visited the site and proposed the newly launched three-stage high-performance filter equipment with UV light – PurAir 350C as their sick room exhaust solution.

PurAir 350C is compact design ceiling-mounted unit integrated with three-stage of high-performance filters which can efficiently remove indoor fine particles, harmful gases, bacteria and virus.
Stage- 1: Coarse panel filter (AmAir) to effectively remove indoor large particles, dust and hair.
Stage- 2: Gas-phase filter (VariCel RFC) to effectively remove indoor TVOC, odor and harmful gases such as formaldehyde.
Stage – 3: H14 HEPA filter (AstroCel – II) to remove indoor fine particles such as PM2.5, PM1 and bacteria and virus.
Stage – 4: UV light


Another advantage includes its ease-of-use in 3 operation modes:
– 100% exhaust
– Need based variable exhaust based on the application
– 100% recirculation
The easy-to-move caster cart portable system is a plus, for the movement from one room to another. This powerful system can deliver up to 500-2000 CFM operating flow at the ‘High Speed’ settings.

The machine adopts EC fan and a three-speed switch function. The optimized sealing structure can effectively control noise. A quick ceiling-mounted structure design is suitable for ducts and surface mounted environments. Its easy-to-access design helps maintenance activity. Another USP of the product is that it can be connected to an existing fresh air system or mixed (fresh & recirculating) air system. The equipment with an in-built fan takes care of additional pressure drop due to 3 filtration stages.


The retrofit solution PurAir350C was the perfect solution for the sick rooms they planned to convert. The client approved the safe exhaust system PurAir as it passed the required standard tests and the results assured the consultant of AAF’s clean air promise.