Right Air Filtration Solution for IVF Labs


• World-class hospital with a state-of-the-art facility


• AAF Partner: Well-known consultant in Qatar was our partner in this project


The hi-tech super speciality hospital & research centre was designed to be a benchmark for healing environments throughout the world. The vision of the government foundation is to provide a world-class facility and the finest experience of healthcare and aftercare facility for women and children.

Filtration Situation

The multidisciplinary hospital was specific about the design of operating rooms and the selection of medical equipment, to achieve the highest quality standards. Every medical equipment was carefully chosen and crucially analysed prior to installation. The hospital planned to include the best IVF treatment to grow as complete women’s healthcare service hospital.

There were IVF facilities functioning in Qatar and this new project aimed at becoming one of best IVF treatment centres. They were concerned about the air quality of the lab while carrying out critical processes. Hence, one of the well-known consultants was given the assignment to search for the best air filtration solution. The consultant was already knowing about AAF capabilities, hence approached air filtration expert American Air Filter.

The AAF International Solution

AAF representative visited the hospital and carried out a thorough analysis. The representative educated the customer and the consultant about the environmental control of an IVF laboratory and the potential effects of certain physical, chemical and biological agents and benefits of gas-phase filtration over normal air filtration system.

The recommended solution for IVF labs would be AAF Side Access Housing (SAH) with gas-phase filters. Due to space congestion, AAF proposed MD SAAF oxidant cassettes carbon filter and Dripak pocket filter with F9 efficiency for their AHU. They assured that this solution will take care of higher gas concentration from the ambient air and enhance air quality.

SAAF Cassette Medium Duty is the best 1” V-bank, 18” deep gas filtration cassette in the industry. AAF designs manufactures and performs quality control compliance on cassettes under ISO 9001:2000 and other applicable global quality certifications.

aaf dripak gx plastic header

The DriPak pocket filter comes with pockets made in a proprietary AAF design. The result is optimized air distribution for high indoor air quality in combination with moderate energy consumption. Whether installed as a final filter in office buildings, schools, or shopping malls, or as a pre-filter for industrial processes, the DriPak filter is an excellent option for both a better indoor climate and low operating costs.


Both the client and the consultant already knew about AAF capabilities and their work hence got convinced with the excellent air filtration solution provided by AAF.

With the airflow provided from the consultant, AAF submit the drawing and supplied MD SAAF Oxidant of 6 inches x 12 inches x 18 inches and Dripak with F9 efficiency as the second stage filtration in the AHU. It took almost a year to analyse, propose, plan and finalize the design.

Gas phase filtration solution provided by AAF experts proved their excellence once again. The client and the consultant were satisfied with the provided solution.