IAQ Solution for a Global E-Commerce Company


• Fully owned subsidiary of US based e-commerce company.
• An American multinational technology company which focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

E-commerce companies has been lifeline for cities under lockdown during the ongoing pandemic. To ensure there is no disruption of supply of essential commodities, the ministry of consumer affairs has advised state governments and local administration to exempt e-commerce operations (warehouse and logistics facilities and services).

The government’s decision gives e-commerce industry confidence in their ability to support and collaborate as we fight the pandemic. But with special exemption comes extra responsibility to ensure employees and all other supporting staffs are safe while they serve their country.

AAF Solution to Client’s requirement for Covid protection

Being the market leader, AAF customer wanted to set a benchmark and invest in protecting & safeguarding their internal staffs and workers. As they were constantly working to ensure there is no delivery concerns across the country, the client was very clear on their requirements. They wanted IAQ solution with air purifiers for all their offices across the globe from a company with a proven track record in terms of products & services with a capability to serve across countries.

The customer had a specific criterion that the standalone units should be with CE certification & final air filters with EN1882 Eurovent certification. The customer visited AAF factory & inspected the offered products & packaging to ensure the desired product quality and the safety during transportation & handling. A 4-week delivery was another important criterion which AAF was able to meet with proper resource planning.

AAF suggested Astropure – a product with having leading edge technology which uses filter media combined with UVGI technology to ‘trap & kill’ airborne virus & pathogens.

AAF, a global leader in filtration industry is known for its world class products with outstanding customer service. This is what makes AAF a preferred brand and has an edge over all its competitors. Global presence, certified filters & equipment, commitment for on-time delivery and 24×7 customer support are among the few reasons which compelled the client to choose AAF over the other competing brands.

Order Winning Product Features

The AstroPure 500 is the most versatile AAF model, with numerous infection control applications for healthcare and commercial facilities. It can be used as a portable system for movement from room to room with its easy-to-move caster wheels.

Apart from the easy movement of the unit, Astropure is CE Certified and the filters which are used in the unit comes with EN1882 certification.

The sound level of an air purifier is typically considered ambient sound. However, depending on the model and operating speed of air purifier, the volume of sound level varies. AAF Astropure with all its 4 models starting 250- 2000 CFM has the same sound level which acted as an additional advantage as the client was planning to choose different models to be placed as per the space available.

In Astropure, one of the filtration stages has HEPA filter with 99.995% efficient at MPPS for filtering virus and bacteria. The surface of HEPA filers is sanitized by up facing UV light with controlled operation so that the risk of virus transmission is eliminated during filter replacement. This was rightly perceived to be a key safety feature by the client.

AAF Astropure units were selected for 6 ACPH with option of fan speed control for increase or decrease of air flow.

AstroPure 500

AstroPure - An IAQ and COVID Solution

AAF AstroPAAF Astropure is a very powerful system which delivers up to 2000 CFM operating airflow at the “High” speed setting. It is a stand-alone complete air purification system to recirculate and clean the air in a controlled environment.

It combines particulate, gas-phase, and high efficiency filters to remove airborne particles, gaseous contaminants, virus, bacteria, fungus and molds to provide total clean air solution.

Pre-filter prolongs the life span of a higher efficiency filter & gas-phase filter effectively removes odour and VOC problems.

Final HEPA filter removes fine particles, virus, bacteria, fungus, molds with the efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3μm.

Stages in Filtration Pre filter - AmAir C (UL 900 Classified)

The effectiveness of any gas-phase filter corresponds to the density (weight per square foot) of activated carbon contained in the product.

AmAir/C is more effective than other odour control filters because it contains more chemical media.

AmAir/C is the easiest and most recommended solution to many gaseous contaminant problems, including odours.

They have a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of 7 when tested in accordance with ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2 and are classified in accordance with UL Standard 900.

AmAir C

Final Filter - AstroCel VXL HEPA Filter

The AstroCel VXL filter is a lightweight compact filter designed for all kind of Industrial & Commercial installations.

Available in the EN1822:2009 classification H14, this filter’s rigid design and pleated media pack with hot melt separators ensures that it delivers the desired air quality when used as a final stage filter.

This filter’s hot melt separators maintain uniform spacing between pleats to allow optimal flow of air throughout the filter. These separators also ensure a large effective media area for low resistance and long service life.


AAF international won the order as they could meet all the client expectations related to product features, customer service and on time delivery.

AAF bagged an order of 560 Astropure units (combining all range put together) along with a set of spare filters for each unit for future changeover in India.
The success was replicated in Middle East market too where 50+ units were bought.

Even with two factory inspections from the clients end and suggesting few packaging & dispatching modification AAF team could manage to deliver the 560 units in 52 cities across India within 4 weeks.

To service the client globally, AAF contacted their base offices in USA, UAE, KSA, Singapore, Japan, Egypt etc and ensured the delivery timeline were met without comprising on quality & service.

The client appreciated our efforts in coming up with an IAQ solution which helped them provide a better working conditions to their employees.