Panel Pak

Barrier Filters

Product Overview

  • Panel Pak is a high efficiency pulse filter
  • Continuous operation for prolonged time periods 
  • Panel Pak Reduces field maintenance
  • Exceptional resistance to high humidity
  • Panel Pak is uniformly pleated to enhance air flow
  • Low differential pressure loss
Panel Pak

Benefits & Features

Pleat Design
Optimum pleat spacing and separation promote maximum filter life.

Increased Pulse Cleaning Effectiveness
For longer useable filter life, dust is exhausted and so there is no risk of re-entrapment.

Longest Filter Life
The ASC Panel Pak is a very reliable pulse filter with a reputation for extending filter life, often trebling prior experience. Reducing the production interruption for filter change improves engine availability.

Pressure Loss
Pressure loss is far more stable and less effected by extremes of relative humidity and fog.

Reduced Costs
Reduced engine fuel consumption and maintenance costs

Airtight Seal
Each filter element is supplied with a moulded gasket fitted to the air leaving face, which guarantees a positive airtight seal every time the filter is changed.

High Efficiency
The ASC high efficiency media is available in a range of types and efficiencies specially treated to provide exceptional resistance to high humidity.

Sturdy Construction
The ASC Panel Pak filter elements are sturdily constructed with a galvanized steel framework encapsulating the media packs.