OptiFlo RC

Dry Dust Collectors

Product Overview

OptiFlo® RC is a dry dust collector that uses cartridges that are tailor-made to meet the filtration requirements of any industry and process. This adaptability is provided by its modular design, which allows scaling up its filtration capacity for flows between 2,400CFM and 80,000CFM.

The configuration and its optional components may be defined in accordance with the specifications provided by the client, which makes this unit a filtration solution that is flexible and highly efficient, even when used in the most demanding industrial applications. With all the advantages of a standard unit and the versatility of a tailor-made configuration.

OptiFlo RC

Capable of housing between 4 and 128 cartridges, it covers a wide range of flows, offering maximum efficiency in ranges between 2,400CFM and 80,000CFM.
Compact design. Minimum footprint in the plant
The arrangement of the cartridges reduces the size of the unit, making it easy to install in reduced spaces.
Built-in self-cleaning system
The use of reverse pulse compressed air allows the unit to operate continuously for extended periods, while maintaining an optimum performance at all times and ensuring the loss of charge is uniform.
Built-in cleaning controller
Guarantees maximum efficiency in managing the use of compressed air during the cleaning process, while ensuring a continuous control of the performance.
Descending air flow
Improves efficiency in terms of removing dust from the cartridges during the cleaning cycles using compressed air.
Flexible final configuration
Three height options are available as well as different dust discharge systems to choose from. Maximum adaptability to the characteristics of the space and the application.
NFPA 654 and 68 compliant for explosive atmospheres
Possibility of incorporating a venting panel for increased safety in environments where combustible dust is being handled.
Improved maintenance
Designed to easily access the filtering elements, the cartridge access doors incorporate a hinge that keeps the cover attached to the body of the filter, making filter replacement easier and quicker.
Improved performance
Using the equipment in combination with AAF’s REDClean® Media brand cartridges ensures maximum efficiency in filtration while reducing operational drops and consuming less compressed air.

Typical Applications



Food Processing