OptiFlo Compact

Dry Dust Collectors

Product Overview

OptiFlo® Compact is a dry dust collector that uses cartridges designed to reduce the emission of particles into the air and environment thus increasing the safety of the industrial process and improving the environmental conditions of the location where the activity is being carried out.

Designed as a compact solution, OptiFlo® Compact can handle airflows between 1,200 CFM and 5,000 CFM using a unit that is smaller than other equipment operating in the same filtration range. 

The answer resides in the modularity and the optimized compact concept that has been applied to the design of the equipment.

Dry Dust Collectors

Arranged in rows and columns and mounted on a single plate, the space used by cartridges is significantly reduced and, as a result, the space required for the installation is also smaller. 

OptiFlo® Compact includes a built-in fan and electrical panel and incorporates its own dust discharge and collection system, turning it into a Plu&Play filtering unit. The OptiFlo® Compact can be located indoors as well as outdoors.

OptiFlo® Compact’s operation is highly intuitive, based on operation in terms of the installation and initial start-up as well as its subsequent maintenance thanks to, the arrangement and accessibility of the components that comprise the system. OptiFlo® Compact incorporates an automatic counterflow compressed air cleaning system that allows operating continuously for prolonged periods of time, ensuring a constant pressure drop. With a larger air inlet surface, the inlet speed is reduced, minimizing abrasion of the filtering elements and improving the distribution of dust in the dirty air plenum

Typical Applications


Food & Beverage