Nuclear VariCel®

Nuclear Filters

Product Overview

Nuclear VariCel® are a series of medium and high efficiency rigid cell side disposable filters for removal of atmospheric dust and particulates from nuclear power plant air streams. These filters have low initial resistance, high dust holding capacity and a choice of three efficiency ranges.

These filters are designed for use as prefilters to extend the life of AAF AstroCel® HEPA filters or as separate duct or line mounted units where HEPA efficiency is not required. VariCels® may be installed for either upstream or downstream service.

Nuclear VariCel®

Benefits & Features

  • Filter Frame- Galvanized Steel Cell Sides with media retaining flanges and 3/4″ flanged header 304 or 409 Stainless Steel Optional
  • Filter Media- Supported Rigid Media Pack – Up to 125 square feet of pleated media surface area
  • Media Separators- Media Separators of crimped aluminum
  • Gaskets- Neoprene Dovetailed Gaskets