N-hance® HEPA Filter

Gas Turbine & Rotating Machinery Filters

Product Overview

  • N-hance® increases production efficiency
  • Maintain a continuous operation
  • Lower operational expenditure
  • Simple internal retrofit
  • N-hance® HEPA filter is a market-leading filtration technology

Benefits & Features

Increase production efficiency

Compressor efficiency is maintained and engine availability is maximized, ensuring a greater production yield is achieved.

Increase machine availability

By maintaining engine cleanliness N-hance removes downtime and increases machine availability.

Eliminate frequent water washing

EPA E12 protection removes the need for frequent water washing, providing continuous operation.

Retain power output

N-hance ensures maximum available power output, maintaining compressor cleanliness with low pressure drop.

Extend engine life

Engine and component life will be extended with the destructive effects of erosion, fouling and corrosion removed.

Simple internal retrofit

With no hard work required a high velocity filter housing can be upgraded to N-hance with ease.

Filter life

Filter life is extended through an increased media area, integral pre-filtration and efficient water drainage.

Reduce CO₂ emissions

A clean and healthy engine that operates efficiently will significantly reduce CO₂ emissions.

Leak-free seal

The interlocking design ensures a leak free gasket seal, which also acts as a water barrier.