HydroVee XL & HXL

Barrier Filters

Product Overview

  • HydroVee XL & HXL high efficiency media with moisture and oil repellency
  • Sustained, high particle collection efficiency for maximum engine protection
  • (H)EPA efficiency options maintain the maximum level of engine protection
  • HydroVee’s HXL option provides exceptional dust holding capacity
  • Repels hydrocarbons to extend filter life
HydroVee XL & HXL

Benefits & Features

High Efficiency
Efficiency range from F8 through to E12.

Low Pressure Drop
Lowest in class pressure drop. Protection doesn’t come at the expense of performance with higher power output and lower fuel consumption.

Sealed Media
Durable seals on both sides offer leak-proof protection that keeps particulate in the filter, not in your equipment.

Durable Construction
Media is moisture and oil resistant, while the plastic frame is corrosion-proof. Plastic protection screens on the downstream side of the filter provide increased stability and deliver burst protection that exceeds industry standards.

Leak-free Seal
The seamless, foam-in-place gasket on the HydroVee eliminates particulate bypass around the filter frame.

Tested to both North American ASHRAE 52-2007, European EN-779 and EN1822 Test Protocols.

High Dust-holding Capacity
Large media coverage for longer filter life:
-XL version (194 square feet /18 square meters) and
-HXL version (302 square feet / 28 square meters) provide
-Filtration protection and high particulate capacity.

Moisture Resistance
100% relative humidity protection. Vertical pleats provide moisture drainage. Repels and drains water, maximizing engine protection from soluble threats such as NaCl

Easy Disposal
Landfill safe and 100% incinerable.

Temperature Tolerant
Rated to a maximum temperature of 176°F (80°C).

Low Maintenance
Easy Fit System reduces outage time by up to 80%