Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

Product Overview

  • Wide range of spare parts available
  • Replacement filter elements
  • Filter element frames and latches
  • Evaporative cooler media
  • Pneumatic valves, switches and couplings
  • Electrical control panels, instrumentation and solenoids
  • Flexible connections for intake and exhaust systems
  • Enclosure damper fans
Replacement Parts

Benefits & Features

Avoid Unplanned Shutdown
Failure of a low value component can contribute to an unplanned shutdown incurring loss of revenue.

Exceptional Quality
Only the highest quality materials are sourced. The entire range is certified to International and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Complete Peace of Mind
Extensive field and laboratory testing ensure we have a wide range of reliable replacements, ensuring the appropriate part is suitable for your environment.

Wide Range of Parts
Call AAF to discuss the maintenance of your filtration system and its associated equipment.

Replacement Filter Elements
For AAF and non-AAF systems, both static and pulse solutions