Air Inlet Cooling

Product Overview

  • InstaKool™ helps restore lost power output with improved fuel efficiency
  • Requires no downtime for survey and installation
  • With no structural change to the filter house
  • No negative impact on differential pressure
  • InstaKool™ controls relative humidity with everyday water quality
  • No risk of corrosion or foreign object damage downstream
  • InstaKool™ reduces CO2 and NOx emissions

Benefits & Features

Recover lost power
InstaKool™ will help to recover power lost due to high ambient temperature.

Increase fuel efficiency
InstaKool™ lowers heat rate, leading to less fuel consumption.

Differentiating technology
InstaKool™ is installed in front of filters and incorporates a control system that continuously adjusts water flow to achieve the lowest possible air temperature while incurring no differential penalty.

No downtime required
There is no need to enter the clean air side, so no requirement to wait for a planned shutdown for either the survey or installation.

No structural change to filter house
InstaKool™ is installed in front of the filters, eliminating the need to extend the filter house and make additional structural changes.

No negative impact on differential pressure
Downstream relative humidity is continuously monitored and controlled to ensure there is no negative impact on differential pressure.

No demineralized water required
InstaKool™ is not sensitive to water quality, eliminating the need for a demineralized water station and supporting equipment.

No corrosion of downstream features
InstaKool™ is installed in front of the filters so no water is introduced on the clean air side.

No foreign object damage
InstaKool™ is installed upstream of the filters so there is no requirement to enter the clean air side during installation or maintenance.