Filter Housings

Filter Housings

Product Overview

  • Filter Housings established thousands of installations worldwide
  • 50 years of design & application experience
  • Filter Housings best suitable for onshore/offshore filtration
  • Pulse and static systems
  • Filter Housings are in build with (H)EPA filtration
  • Filter Housings available in efficiencies range from 3mw to over 300mw
Filter Housings

Benefits & Features

Proud History
As a world leader in the design and application of gas turbine air filtration for 50 years we offer a range of static and pulse filter solutions for all operating environments.

Trusted Partner
AAF is recognized globally for its quality, expertise and innovation in air inlet treatment and filtration, working with all the major OEMs and operators from around the world.

High Standards
AAF International’s entire product range meets all industry and original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) standards, ensuring superior protection and total peace of mind.

Advanced Technology
An extensive range of inlet solutions to protect critical components in all applications and environments, the AAF product portfolio also includes a wide range of filter options, utilizing the latest innovations in technology.

Operator Benefits
AAF filtration solutions provide higher constant power output, lower operating costs, reduced heat rate, an increase in fuel efficiency and will extend the lifetime of engine components.