AmerKool III

Air Inlet Cooling

Product Overview

  • AmerKool III generates lower heat rate
  • Recover lost power
  • AmerKool III enhance fuel efficiency
  • Boost output
  • AmerKool III is suitable for turnkey solutions
AmerKool III

Benefits & Features

Recover Lost Power
AmerKool III systems consistently achieve low intake air temperatures, which help recover power lost due to high ambient temperature.

Enhancing Fuel Efficiency
Heat rate is lowered, resulting in less fuel consumption.

Minimize Site Utility Consumption
Fully automatic operation ensures that make-up water requirements are minimized, while ensuring that circulating water quality is maintained within specification. AAF’s incremental product development will ensure that control strategies are implemented which smooth out variations of flow and minimize power consumption during times of high ambient relative humidity.

Boost Output
On a hot day in Gulf Coast Countries, with ambient temperature at 49°C, evaporative cooling will reduce inlet temperature by over 20°C. On large gas turbines the power recovered may be as high as 30MW, using just a 10 kW motor on a circulating pump.

Combination with Filters
Combining AmerKool III with AAF high efficiency filters ensures that gains made by cooling are not offset by losses to fouling.

AAF can provide a complete turnkey service, with ongoing technical support.

Water Management
AAF uses highly efficient Amervanes to prevent free water passing into the intake system. These vertical droplet catchers are industry leading in their water droplet efficiency.

Condition Monitoring
AAF’s Active Filter Management reports back cooler parameters to the AAF Data Centre, ensuring that the cooler is being monitored regularly.