VariSorb™ XL SAAF City


VariSorb® XL SAAFCity delivery system consist of filter elements in high impact polystyrene (HIPS) cell sides for assembly in front or rear access standardized universal holding frames or side-access track systems to fit standard dimension filter sections in air handling units. VariSorb® XL SAAFCity comes factory-ready for installation. VariSorb XL SAAFCity filters are designed for combined particulate and gas-phase removal of medium and low concentrations of gas-phase contamination in urban fresh air and recirculation AHU systems. VariSorb XL SAAFCity is designed to remove gaseous contaminants from urban environment, both indoor (outgassing from carpets, paint, solvent and detergents) and outdoor sourced (industry and transport).

Product Overview

• VariSorb XL SAAF City specially designed for urban VOC’s
• This gas-phase filter contains standard dimensions and available in efficiencies of MERV 10
• Sturdy construction
•VariSorb XL SAAF City corrosion-free, non-metal construction
• VariSorb XL SAAF City is fully incinerable
• Integrated prefilter

VariSorb™ XL SAAF City

Typical Applications

Commercial Buildings

Data Centers

Food and Beverage

Schools & Universities



Filter Depth (mm)292
Media TypeCarbon
Frame MaterialPlastic
Special Size AvailableNo
Single HeaderYes
Antimicrobial AvailableNo
Recommended Final Resistance450 Pa
Max Operating Temperature54°C