VariSorb® XL15


VariSorb® XL15 gas-phase filters consist of filter elements assembled in a V-bank configuration in High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) end caps, and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) profiles. VariSorb® XL15 filters replace existing HVAC filters of the same type with no changes required for frames or latches. They are packed and sealed in individual polyethylene bags to preserve capacity and cleanliness. The VariSorb® XL15 filter features a pleated media comprised of very high activity virgin carbon particles bonded into a three-dimensional network of bicomponent fibres that maximizes the exposure of the sorbent to gas. The very small carbon granules, unlike traditional granular bed chemical filters, provide a granular microstructure that ensures a much higher effective area per pound of media, resulting in a high spontaneity of adsorption. 

Product Overview

  • VariSorb® XL15 a complete solution to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by providing high level filtration of both odors and particulates
  • Directly replaces existing 12″ deep single header filters, adding odor control and/or upgrading particulate filtration without requiring new hardware
  • Energy-saving media pack design enables the addition of chemical filtration without added resistance
  • Higher Dust Holding Capacity (DHC) and higher molecular contaminant removal efficiency than any similar dual-purpose filter produced today
  • VariSorb® XL15 is lighter weight than any competitive dual-purpose filter, for additional savings on operating costs
  • This gas-phase filter Completely incinerable, no metal components
  • VariSorb® XL15 available in MERV 15 particle size efficiency
  • Low pressure drop
VariSorb® XL15

Typical Applications



Government Infrastructure


Filter Depth (mm)292
Media TypeCarbon
Media MaterialMini carbon granule embedded between two non-woven synthetic layers
Frame Material (Standard)Plastic
Special Size AvailableNo
Header Type (Standard)Single Header (20mm)
Header Type (Optional)Single Header (25mm)
Recommended Final Resistance375 Pa
Max Operating Temperature54°C
CTC60 wt. %
Target GasVOC