FabriPulse® BV

Dry Dust Collectors

Product Overview

The FabriPulse BV provides excellent filtration at collection points such as silos and bins. Installation is easy and our top loading design requires little maintenance after installation.

Equipment Options:

  • 11GA Stainless Steel construction
  • Side mount fan with flange, bottom horizontal discharge and bird screen
  • Taller cartridges for larger media area

Pleated Bag Construction:

  • Urethane endcaps, with Spunbound Polyester media
  • Grounded pleated bags can be made available
  • Longer length pleated bags can be provided for higher CFM applications
FabriPulse® BV

Benefits & Features

  • 43″W x 32 1/2″D X 42 1/4″H
  • Target 700-1000CFMm with fan up to 1500CFM
  • Clean air pleated bag access coupled with quick release latches for quick filter replacement
  • Fully contained design means no parts leave the unit during filter change out
  • 11GA construction with integral lifting lugs
  • Powder coated HRS throughout for excellent corrosion protection
  • Fully sealed, sloping lid easily sheds water away from filters
  • Ships palletized & fully assembled, installation requires only compressed air and 120/240V connection
  • Standard equipment includes an air filter/regulator and pressure control module in NEMA 4X/6 & IP 66/67 case
  • Pleated bags fit standard without extending below mating flange
  • Side mount fan with flange, bottom horizontal discharge and bird screen
  • 6 Taller pleated bags for larger media area

Typical Applications