REDClean® N/NFR Cartridges

Environmental Cartridge Filters

Product Overview

The REDClean® N/NFR cartridge line incorporates a media based on an aggregate of cellulose and synthetic fibers with nano-fibers. With a MERV 15 efficiency rating, which is the highest with the lowest pressure differential, these cartridges are the leading technology in the filtration industry. 

Also available with a “flame retardant” finish, REDClean® N and REDClean® NFR  incorporate a nano fiber outer layer which excels at particulate surface loading through a fine pore structure, preventing particles from penetrating the filter. This way the durability of the media is increased and the cartridge replacement frequency is decreased. 

REDClean® N/NFR Cartridges

Benefits & Features

Superior performance
The proven efficiency of 99.99% for particles larger than 0.5µm.

Low emission levels

MERV 15 efficiency 
Highest efficiency with the lowest differential pressure

Excellent releasing of dust
Lower usage of compressed air.

Reduced energy consumption

Extended service life of the filtering elements
Even in the most demanding industries and applications, which also helps to increase the service life of the equipment. 

Improved maintenance
Requires fewer cartridge replacements.