DriPak GTR

Pre Filters

Product Overview

  • DriPak GTR is suitable for restricted space applications in arduous conditions
  • Close-couples directly to fine and (H)EPA filter
  • Inverted pocket drains moisture away from final filters
  • Integrated plastic support fingers for product and media stability
  • DriPak GTR’s reverse pockets won’t sag, shrink, collapse or fall out of the filter housing in wet conditions
  • Installed life up to and over 16,000 hours
DriPak GTR

Benefits & Features

Intelligent Design
DriPak GTR coalesces water upstream of the barrier filter to prevent atmospheric particle ingestion. Reverse flow enhances water capture and runoff away from final filter.

Final Filter Coupling
A unique design and support system allow DriPak GTR filters to be close-coupled to final filters without creating additional pressure drop.

Optimized to Perform
Progressively structured media manages captured particulates for longer life and lower pressure drop over time. V-pocket geometry preserves pressure levels even under particulate load, outperforming cubes and bag filters.

Resilient Structure
All-plastic, patent-pending design with self-supporting construction deliver maximum performance. Plastic supports stabilize filter pockets and preserve filter shape in the reverse airflow position.

Low Pressure Drop
Protection doesn’t come at the expense of performance.

Tested and Proven
Tested to both North American ASHRAE 52-2007 and European EN-779 Test Protocols.

Stands up to Tough Conditions
100% RH resistant with a moisture-coalescing design.

Temperature Tolerant
Rated to a maximum temperature of 176°F (80°C).